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    1. MOVME is located at the heart of Toronto’s Entertainment District.

    2. Telephone

    3. 416-788-2835

    4. Address

    5. 168 Simcoe Street, Toronto ON.  M5H 4C9

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Movme Inc. ©2018  All Rights Reserved.

Movme Inc. started in 2001 aiming to be the great Canadian Movie Company dedicated to Innovate, Entertain, and bring Epic Feature films to a worldwide audience.

MOVME (pronounced “move me”) is the Great Canadian Movie Company.
Canadian Corporation aims at creating great Feature Films. Movme was incorporated by
Wil Wong on February 14, 2001. 

To create Outstanding Feature Films for a Worldwide Audience.

Integrity • Creativity • Simplicity

Submitting Content, Ideas and Feedback

MOVME sincerely appreciates your suggestions and creative endeavours. However, MOVME does not accept or consider any unsolicited ideas, suggestions, proposals, or materials in any form (including scripts or movie concepts) without a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place. An NDA agreement allows MOVME to avoid potential misunderstandings when MOVME’s products, services or features might appear to be similar or identical to ideas submitted to MOVME. 

Please do not send any scripts or creative work as it will not be reviewed.