Creative Clients:

  1. BBNS Studios, Ryan Ellis, DP

  1. Ayze Productions, Ali Zo, DP

  1. Abci Studios, Zaka and Shafiq Khokhar

  1. G-Dot, DP

  1. Justin Singer, DP

  1. ES EF, DP

  1. DNA Cinema, Kevin DP

  1. Divine Films, Surender Birdi, DP

  1. Shankeith Creative

  1. Pearl Media, Collin, DP

  1. Versatile Productions

  1. The Best Productions, Mike Perdue, DP

  1. Double Standard Films, Matt Filice, DP

  1. High Rise Studios

  1. Shrew’d Business, Ceris & Brian

  1. Wood & Wire Productions

  1. Prism Media, Bakhshish & Harmon

  1. Reality Check Productions - Robbert Reid

  1. Buck Productions

  1. Miss Sohni

  1. Manj Musik, Manjeet Ral

  1. TLA Productions, Tom Antos

  1. Avex Productions, Gurpreet, DP

  1. ATW Against The Wind Band

SonataROSE - Judas or Cain (video by Ryan Ellis)

ATW Against The Wind “Turn the Page”

video by Jeffrey Dean Goldstein

Paul Burke “Body Electric” (video by Ryan Ellis)

Wolf Saga “Our Time” (video by Tim Martin)

Taj Dhillon “Reejh”

video by Avex

Abroyal ft. Deep Jandu “Affection”

video by Avex (Gurpreet Dhillon)

Shot with our RED CAMERA

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by Jeff Dean Goldstein

The PropheC “Clap It H Dhami”

video by Prism Media

Tino Tipsy ”Rotate”

video by ES-EF

Gurjit Rangi “DOWNTOWN

video by Harry Singh

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Natasha Beddingfield’s Website intro  (Freeman House)

Dil Cherdi - Jay Status & DJ Sanj (video by ABCi Studios, Zaka Khokhar)

Hooks Santana: Medication (video by The Best Productions, Mike Perdue)

The Darcys “The Pacific Theatre” (video by Adrian Vieni, Justin Singer, Michael Chaing)

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