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Movme Films

serves Toronto, GTA, and Ontario

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NO Paperwork required

NO Damage Deposit (holding your funds)


NO Production Insurance Certificate needed

NO Unexpected Rental Surprises

NO Pick-Ups/Drop Offs (wasting your time/gas)

Movme Inc. ©2018

Movme Inc. started in 2001 aiming to be the great Canadian Movie Company dedicated to Innovate, Entertain, and bring Epic Feature films to a worldwide audience.  Movme inc is not affiliated with Red Digital Cinema.

How do I book?

  1. 1.CALL US - 416-788-2835 to:

  2. Check schedule

  3. Agree to rental terms (10hrs per day - starts when we arrive at your call time, equipment rented, payment due prior to shoot)

  4. Confirm shoot a day or two prior with Call Time and 1st Location address

  1. 2.Can I book half days or a few hours?

    1. YES but only between December to April

  2. 3.DELIVERY - We deliver and setup.  The 10hrs shoot begins when we arrive

  1. 4.PAYMENT - Due prior to Starting (on the day of the shoot). Payment by Cash, or eTransfer. A receipt will be given after payment in full (including HST).

  1. 5.TRANSFER FOOTAGE - Full card can take 1-3hrs.   We transfer either throughout the day or have ready for next day pick-up. All footage shot prior to payment is owned by Movme inc. and will not be released until payment in full is made.


on the EQUIPMENT...

  1. Does the Red Camera record sound?

    1. Yes in normal speed. Sound is NOT recorded when recording in Slow or Fast Motion. Sound is only for scratch audio currently. Quality is good for sync.

  2. Will 2 Solid State Media Cards be enough?

    1. On average, each card will hold 2 hours of footage (note: slow motion will take up more space on the card).

  3. How long does a full 512gb card take to download?

    1. Full Card - can take 1-3hrs. depending on your harddrive speeds.

  4. What lenses can I use?

    1. We provide a CANON EF mount. We supply a super fast CANON 50mm f1.2L and 24mm f1.4L lens. So any canon lens should be fine if you have.  PL or Nikon mounts are available at additional cost.

  5. How long do the batteries last?

    1. We provide 5 batteries of 2hours each.

  6. What happens during the shoot?

    1. Our Staff will...

    2. Delivers, Picks-up, and Accompany the camera at all times to ensure it’s safety. They can help with setting but  they will not be your DOP, Camera OP, Camera Assist or grip (those are different services that we don’t offer).  Their main purpose is to ensure the safety of the camera and will pull all equipment if deemed unsafe or harmful.

  7. What if I DON’T need or want a CAMERA ASSIST (do I save money)?

    1. Sorry. Our prices remain low by having a staff to save you on production insurance and rental return diagnostics. Their may role is to watch over all Movme equipment.

  8. I plan to guerrilla shoot?

    1. That’s fine as long as we don’t break any laws.  We reserve the right to walk away from any dangerous or illegal activities.

  9. What if I need more time (after the 10hrs)?

    1. We will charge $100 hour extra for OVERTIME.

  10. How do I get the footage?  Can I borrow the SSD Card overnight to transfer the footage?

    1. Unfortunately we don’t loan out the SSD Card.  We will off-load the footage onto your external Hard Drive (supplied by you) either overnight (at our offices) or at your location.   You’ll have the footage either that night or the next day.  We will not hold onto footage after it is off-loaded.

  11. Rental Term Agreement:

  12. Do I need Production Insurance?

    1. NO but it’s always good to have.

    2. WARNING: You may still be liable and responsible for any damage of Moveme owned equipment or staff injury on your shoot (see next line).

  13. Am I liable for any equipment damage? 

    1. YES, you are liable IF you (or your team) is holding the camera or cause the accident (including negligence).

  14. Do I need to provide a deposit?

    1. NO.

    2. Full payment (at a daily rate) is due prior to each day of shooting.

  15. When is payment due?

    1. Payment by Cheque, eTransfer, or Cash ONLY, is due prior to the first shot.  Cheques can be made payable to MOVME inc.   All quotes are subject to additional HST Ontario tax.   Any footage held by us over 5 business days may be subject to additional “holding” fee. Footage not picked up in 2 weeks may get erased at owner’s expense.

  16. I need to cancel.  Now what?

    1. As long as it doesn’t become a routine, we will not charge a cancellation fee.  If however you cancel twice,  we will either ask for a deposit next time or simply deny service.  If your clients tend to cancel often (as things do change), please inform us.  We will most likely ask you for a deposit (and for you to charge them).

  17. MOVME will cancel or stop shooting if:

    1. • We feel any situation/environment is unsafe for the camera or personnel.

    2. We believe a law is being broken.

  18. Restrictions when using our Red Camera:

    1. 1.Do not use Lasers on the Camera (at the floor or directly/indirectly into the sensor/lens). Lasers reflection can damage.

    2. 2.Do not mount to an Automobile, Bikes, Drones, Motorcycles or any vehicle deemed dangerous

    3. 3.Do not use under water or during rain or snowstorms

  19. Failure to comply may mean legal actions for any damage to the camera (for the full replacement and loss of rental income during such period).